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Project A


It is has been widely demonstrated that we are living longer and longer. In fact the population over 65 in certain countries now surpasses 15% and within two decades the figure will be closer to one in every four.Therefore, it comes as no surprise that year after year requests to enter old-age communities is on the rise. And by Creating a suitable environment for them to emphasize the physical conditions and support the physiological needs will motivate them to be an active person.

Concept of the design

The concept of the project is inspired by the green leaves. The green leaves will positively effect on old people, and will convey a message through interior design for the patients to feel fresh and it’s inspired from the colors.

Moreover, the leaf is known to have a curved dynamic shape, that shape will be implied on the elements of the design.

The freshness colors and the dynamic shapes in the design will give the opportunity for old people to feel that they are still a part of this life and motivate them to be more active, and it will provide dynamic movements along the building too.

Purpose of the design

Create an interior environment to motivate old age person to be more active considering their psychological and physical aspects.

Who are the elderly people?

Elderly is a term for Old age, it consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle.

Design color scheme

I got the project color scheme inspiration from the colors of the green leaf.
The green color will always make elders feel healthy and fresh. Those who are attending the nursing home will always be enthused and motivated.
In addition to the green color, I added the white color that gives the feeling of relaxation and peace and the brown color brings to mind feeling of warmth, comfort, and security that is naturally integrated with the green leaf. I will infancies those three colors on the furniture, walls and ceilings treatment